Custom Gates
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Custom Gates in the Fraser Valley
dbleblack gate 26' Double Black Style 20
Swing aluminum mounted on steel posts with single elite miracle one automation added security with lights.
- Abbotsford
16' Black Gate Style 20
Double swing aluminum mounted on wooden posts with double elite miracle one automation added security with lights.
- Aldergrove
wheel gate Ranch Style
Beautiful 16' Custom wheel gates with ranch style top log framework. 2" by 4" mesh to keep the dog in. features Cheam in the Back ground.
- Chilliwack
tree gate 32' White Gate Style 20
Double swing Aluminum gate to accomcadation the tree with a center filler panel. One side automated with miracle one. Added security with lights and electrical receptacle on each post for Christmas Lights.
- Chilliwack
double swing gate 16' Double Swing Gate
16 ft double swing gate with automation featuring a 2" ground clearance via 4" hinged bottom alum puppy stop.
- Langley
native Custom Entrance
Fraser Valley Fishing Lodge Features a hand carved, by Don Froese, set of eagle heads in this 44' cedar log, set 15' up by the bold posts/logs. This piece of art work sets Frank's Driveway apart allowing for a 32' opening for access of truck for delivery, and tow vehicles for boats.
- Aggassiz.
whiteGate 16' White Style 20
Single swing aluminum gate with Miracle One automation with fill panels on each side.
Barrier arm gate - Security Barrier
Bio securtiy gate 16' barrier arm in galv 3.5"steel pipe top rail allow for restricted access for farm with a lock open or lock closed. manual operation with sign
- Rosedale
barrier Security Barrier
Mission Rod and Gun Club 20' barrier arm in Galv steel pipe to allow for safe and easy access to the club. Monitored by dual keypads and an event switch.
Pedestrian Gate Pedestrian Gate
Pedestrian gate with expanded mesh for security of lockset.
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